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Simplified Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)
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Voicer Suite offers development of better relations with your existing customers and prospects, which can lead to:
  • increased sales through better timing by anticipating needs based on historic trends
  • identifying needs more effectively by understanding specific customer requirements
  • cross-selling of other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or enhancements
  • identifying which of your customers are profitable (and which are not)

Single solution for everyone in your organization

Voicer Suite lets you do better marketing of your products or services by focusing on:
  • effective targeted marketing communications aimed specifically at customer needs
  • a more personal approach and the development of new or improved products and services in order to win more business in the future
Voicer Suite - Customer Relationship Management - ERP - Complete Business Suite

 A complete solution to run your business more effectively.

 Extremely easy to use with minimum or no training required.

 'Pay as you go', starting from $34.99 a month.

 Expandable and customizable to suit your unique business needs.

 Allows for advanced prioritising, searching and categorising.

 Easy to take notes and view all other notes about any client or correspondence.

 Hosted solution allowing secure access anytime, anywhere, 24x7.

 Centralized client, sales, inventory, orders, employee, and financial data.

 Requires no additional investment or software to install.

 Crash-proof; no threat of data loss from PC viruses, or system crash, etc.

 Free Data Migration service for most of the deployments.

 No contracts. No cancelation penalty.

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24x7, Anywhere, anytime access to the business data.

Share information

Connect your team members with the information they need, whenever they need.

Connect Multiple Offices

Remote offices? E-workers? Get everyone on the same page.


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