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Simplified Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)
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The aim of the FAQ section is to answer questions about Voicer Suite that we receive frequently.

If FAQ does not answer or cover your questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Is there a trial period offered?

A: Yes, when you register, we provide the first month free, with no obligation.

Q: What would be the cost for using the service?

A: Please review Suite Editions.

Q: How can I pay for the subscription?

A: All payments are processed via PayPal, online.

Q: Can I add or remove the fields to/from the forms?

A: Yes. You can add or remove the fields via 'Add/Remove Fields' link under Account's Settings.

Q: I would like to import my own data into Voicer Suite. Is this possible?

A: Certainly. We help our clients around the clock for data migration to make sure the data exported into Voicer Suite is free of errors.

Q: Is there any charge for data migration requests?

A: No, most of the times.

Q: Can I have my own backup of data I have entered into Voicer Suite?

A: Sure. You may have your own copies of the data via 'Export Data' links.

Q: Is Voicer Suite Automation available?

A: Absolutely. You may have your own systems connected (or linked) to Voicer Suite for dynamic data exchange between such systems.

Q: Is Voicer Suite a service offered locally?

A: No, not at all. Voicer Suite works from and to anywhere throughout the World.

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How can I use Voicer Suite in my business?

Voicer Suite provides the tools and resources needed to effectively manage all aspects of business, sales cycle and team performance.

  • Data Collection

  • Building Clientele

  • Content Management

  • Business Intelligence

  • Lead Generation

  • Inventory Control

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Federal/Provincial Tax Tracking

  • Revenue Management

  • Expense Management

  • Billing

  • Invoicing


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