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Simplified Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)
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»  Timely, and easy access to business data.

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»   Manage sales, marketing, billing, accounting, orders, and invoices from anywhere, anytime.

»   Connect your branch offices momentarily.
Voicer Suite - Customer Relationship Management - ERP - Complete Business Suite

When it comes to long term business success and prosperity building and maintaining strong relationships makes a world of difference.

Voicer Suite centralizes all information you have on each client and streamlines their experience in dealing with your organization and business.

By having extended view of details or tools, such as, ORDERS, CLIENTS, CUSTOMER HISTORY, NOTICE BOARD, available to all users, instantly, each employee has a more complete picture of the situation. Decisions are made better, accurate and sales are closed faster.

As a small business owner you can use Voicer Suite for all of your day-to-day operations. It offers a fully paperless environment including, online repository (i.e., stocks), expense management, revenue allocation, and taxation.

No need for any kind of unreliable spreadsheets or PC applications.
No virus or crash threats. Secure, all online. Access from work or home.

It is our mandate that Voicer will always be providing integrated sales and customer support functionality that helps organizations acquire, retain and grow profitable long-term customer relationships.



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24x7, Anywhere, anytime access to the information you need.

Full visibility across your entire business operation.

Voicer Suite makes the customer's experience with your business uniform - no matter which department or employee they are communicating with. This means you can better anticipate and respond to their needs.


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