CRM & ERP – Complete Business Suite

Enabling your business to reach its maximum potential requires a set of smart and powerful tools that work together.

Voicer Suite is a self-efficient, hosted Business Suite solution. It is easily expandable and can be specifically tailored to your needs.


Integrated Client Database

A complete listing of all your clients (or potential clients) where you can enter their company name, contact person and contact information. Keep track of important info such as company size and type, website, etc. With this client database you can sort out the hot sales leads from the dead ends.

Contact History

Linked with the Client database, the history module can display a list of all actions taken, or just those with a particular client. Linked directly to the history of your interactions with that client. This shows all type of action, notes and their level of interest. In addition, this is organised by priority level so the most important items get handled first. No client falls through the cracks. You can see what products they have bought and what concerns (or compliments) they’ve expressed. All of the correspondence are recorded in one centralized place for easy future reference and future sales.

Sales and Marketing Tools

User-friendly interfaces and tools for managing leads, improving sales process, sales forecast and marketing. Link contact information request from your website directly to leads or campaigns.

Electronic Invoice Presentment

Voicer’s Electronic Invoice Presentment offers a solution that eliminates paper-related inefficiencies from the accounts payable process – data entry, errors and exceptions, lost invoices and vendor inquiries. Used in conjunction with your existing ERP and legacy applications, it allows for invoice tracking and management through an online portal that connects you with your buyers and suppliers.

Advanced Search Capabilities

All sections are fully searchable. Find a client or an action by any criteria. Refine or save important search results for future reference.

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